Weiss Architecture Studio

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About Us

Our story begins in 1918 in a small town on the outskirts of San Bonifacio (VR). What immediately distinguished our story was her familiarity in the true sense of the word. Three generations have followed one another, they have put passion, knowledge, tenacity and all their mastery in their work. Few can count on over 100 years of history.

What we do

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Some products

All our doors are tested and checked.
100% ecologic

Bocchese porte knows that a large company is not the quality of what it produces, but also the attitude it takes towards the environment. For this reason all products are made only with FSC and PSCF certified timber; all the adhesives are ecological (eliminating the use of formaldehyde); all to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere!

Precious Essences

To be able to obtain a unique and inimitable product, Bocchese porte uses only the best essences of precious woods.

Signed doors

We have developed and checked an excellent production chain, which is why all our products are branded. Bocchese doors synonymous with unmistakable quality.






New Solutions Patents

Contemporary classic

These are doors with a traditional and classic unique style characterized by essential, clean and sober lines.


These are doors with a contemporary style characterized by minimalist lines in shapes and spaces.


These are doors with an original style characterized by a mix of elegant / refined lines that make them unique.

Quality that you touch

Quality is not only seen, but touched. We are the only ones to produce door, jambs, frames all with the same wooden trunk; to have a uniform grain and color.

Custom-made products

Bocchese Porte is like a large Atelier. This is why we are the only ones who build everything to measure by eliminating the telescopic elements which are nothing else that folds to the detriment of stability and aesthetics.

Resistance and durability

The door, in addition to being a furnishing complement inside the houses, must be resistant and last over time. The Bocchese doors are built with the utmost scrupulousness to make this happen.

Keeping up with the market

To be able to respond to the continuous needs of the market, Bocchese Porte realizes every type requested by the customer. Hinged doors, sliding doors, folding doors, roto-translating doors, flush frames doors, flush wall doors, entrance doors.

Advanced technologies

What distinguishes Bocchese Porte from the competition is the perfect combination of knowledge and technological innovation. Few can boast cutting-edge machinery of the latest generation. Not to mention over 100 years of history.

Customer satisfaction

The Bocchese doors conveyance emotions. Elegance, technology, aesthetics, functionality and durability are essential elements. Customer satisfaction is our real goal, what drives us to improve and continually innovate.


The wooden door for your safety

The entrance door is the visiting card of your home. This is why “Bocchese Porte” has created a wooden door that combines safety and high energy performance design that are unmatched on the market.

A completely wooden armored door

“Bocchese Porte” has developed and developed a completely wooden armored door. In addition to satisfying any aesthetic and constructive requirement, the doors are certified for break-in in RC3 class and with a thermal transmittance starting from 0.7 W / m2K.

The wooden entrance door 2.0

From the previous experience of wooden security doors, “Bocchese Porte” gave life to the wooden 2.0 entrance door. While maintaining the same high energy and safety performance, it has shaped a work of aesthetic art: the coplanar door on both the external and internal sides.

Our partners

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